Tea Reception

Items Ordered

6 Courses + 1 Cold Beverage @$10.00 ($10.70 w/GST) per pax

Please select your required package:
1. Package
6 Courses + 1 Cold Beverage @
$10.00 ($10.70 w/GST)
per pax
8 Courses + 1 Cold Beverage @
$12.00 ($12.84 w/GST)
per pax
10 Courses + 1 Cold Beverage@
$14.00 ($14.98 w/GST)
per pax
2. Wok Specials (Max. 2 Selections)
Seafood Fried Rice
Fried Bee Hoon with Shredded Chicken
Vegetarian Fried Rice
Fried Chilli Mee Siam Topped with Egg
Putu Mayam (Iddiyapam)
Indian Mee Goreng
3. Non-Vegetarian Savory (Max 2 Selections)
Chicken Samosa
Chicken Pakora
Fried Chicken Wing
Fish Nugget
Fried Sotong Ball
Lamb Samosa
Pepper Chicken Nugget
Fried Chicken Drumlet
Fish Fry Amritsari
Sambal Fish Ball
4. Vegetarian Savory
Savory Cocktail Samosa
Vegetable Pakora
Vegetable Manchurian
Cocktail Curry Puff
Aloo Indian Samosa
Crispy Vegetable Springroll
Aloo Tikki
Cocktail Vadai
5. Sandwiches
Veggie Sandwich
Egg Mayo Sandwich
Tuna Sandwich
6. Mini Pastry
Snowy Cream Puff
Assorted Swiss Roll
Sugar Topped Donut
Banana Muffin
Assorted Nonya Kueh
Assorted Mini Tartlet
Mini Chocolate Éclair
Chocolate Chip Muffin
Assorted Sliced Cakes
7. Dessert
Vermicilli Payasam
Bubur Pulut Hitam
Sago with Cocktail Jelly
Mango Kheer
Carrot Halwa
Bubur Cha – Cha
Sago Gula Melaka with Greenbean
Chilled Sago with Honeydew
Chilled Chin Chow with Longan
8. Hot Beverage
Traditional Coffee
Traditional Tea
Ginger Tea
Indian Bru Coffee
Masalah Tea
9. Cold Beverage (Select 1)
Citrus Lime Drink
Tropical Fruit Punch
Zesty Orange Drink